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Puppetworks is a LIVE2D Guild that specializes in Fullbody Model rigging and Model Artworks.
We hope to grow our skills and bring more models to life with our work.
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I would like to choose [name] as a rigger for my model, how do I go about it?

We actually operate on a “no choosing” policy, to ensure a non-competitive, friendly work environment where we can help each other out whenever needed. We would also like to make sure that the workload is equally distributed, so as to not overwork one rigger while another is left without a project. You can voice your preferred choice but we cannot guarantee that said Rigger will be available
However, you can rest assured, that we only choose the best rigger for the Job. We will not assign an inexperienced rigger to a high-end project, and for example, if someone cannot rig wings, we will not assign a model with wings to said person. So please trust us to choose the best person available, if we cannot guarantee the best outcome we will decline the project as we value quality the most. All the rigs will be overseen by our Founder RotusLotus regardless.

How does the process work?

You inquire with us and let us know as much information as you can, tell us your Model artist, when the PSD is done, if not done already, how many toggles you’d like and what toggles they are, your schedule and deadline etc.
We will then check for availability and choose the perfect person for the job, report back to you and discuss payment details. Once that is done, we will send out an invoice and start the project. (Please refer to our TOS for details)
We then either be in close communication with you and the artist or with you only, if you happen to be the artist and go back and forth over the model and check if it needs additional resources for better/smoother movements.
Once that is done, and the model is completed, we request the remaining payment if not paid upfront, we then send over the VTS file and calibrate it with you in a call or text, whatever you prefer (though we do recommend calls.) to ensure that the rigging can be displayed as perfect as possible with your face as VTS settings are crucial to show the quality of the rigging. No matter how good the rigging is, if the VTS settings aren’t done accordingly, it can heavily impact the final result, so we take this step very seriously.

I would like to commission you but I don't have a model yet, what could I do to save a spot?

Usually, we recommend you inquire with us as soon as you have your model, or as soon as you know your model is 99% done and we can start working on it soon. However, if that is not the case, we recommend you contact us with our contact form instead of our commission form, so we can discuss details better.
We do not offer to save spots as our current demand does not allow us to hold open spots for a while, but we might implement something in the future if the demand for that is getting too much. We also have a waiting list, which currently is still closed until further notice, however, we will put it up on the website as soon as it opens, and announce so on our Twitter as well.

My model isn't cut correctly, do you offer in-house cutting?

Yes, we do! Please check in with us, as it depends on each model if we are able to accurately cut said model, but we usually offer in-house cutting for an additional fee. However, please note these are merely revisions. We will not cut a mere PNG for you into a complete model.

Do you offer payment plans?
If your Model quote exceeds a certain amount, we do, in fact, offer payment plans. This will be discussed individually, more about the payment process will be found in our Terms of Service.
Do you do vbridger and/or hand tracking?
This highly depends on each Model if we are able to implement Hand tracking or not, and how the Hands are cut. We do not currently offer Hand rotation.
As far as Vbridger goes, we are implementing it into our routine slowly, so please ask if it’s possible as we would need to individually check.
Do you offer model art?

Yes, for more Information please refer to our Rig + Art bundle section!

My question isn't in the faq where can I ask?

Please reach out to us on our contact form or Twitter!